Vertigo wardrobe with vertical profile groove handle, lacquered and full height. Wardrobe available for: Hinged Door, Sliding Door and Coplanar Door.


All KICO finishes are shown for illustrative purposes.
The real textures may appear different from those in the price list.

Base melamine

120.015 Moon White

122.215 Maya Gray

120.011 Anthracite Gray

122.511 Dark Adige

122.512 Adige Clear

Decorative Melamine

122.501 Mother of pearl

122.504 Dark Matrix

122.503 Jute

122.518 Montilla Carrara

122.519 Montilla Marquina

Plus Melamine

122.501 Mother of pearl

122.073 Matt Sea Gray

122.517 Mud Gray

120.175 Beton Fb02

120.177 Beton Anthracite

122.513 Smoke Calla Walnut

122.514 Calla Walnut Decided

122.515 Natural Calla Walnut

122.090 Rodin Olmo

Matt Lacquered

K9016 Snow White

KC010 Ivory

K0073 Sea Gray

K0008 Talc

KC015 Beige Kenya

K0215 Maya Gray

K1019 Hazelnut

KC020 Lava Gray

K8019 Cocoa

K7047 Ash Gray

K0083 Smoke Gray

KC005 Iron

K7021 Teca Gray

K7016 Anthracite Gray

K9017 Night Black

KI004 Root Yellow

KI005 Pink Havana

KI006 Amaranth

KI001 Terracotta

KI002 Celeste

KI003 Blue Skydust

KI007 Ruby Green

K6013 Mauve Green

KI008 Sunset Red

Base Essence

703.009 Camogli Oak

703.011 Mud Oak

703.013 Brown Oak

703.005 Gray Oak

703.012 Dark Oak

Essence Plus

704.004 Canaletto Walnut

704.010 Heat-treated oak

704.004 Canaletto Walnut

Handle finishes


710.BIA Snow White

710.GRE Teca Gray


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