Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Whether it’s cabinets or lighting schemes, backsplashes or flooring, these kitchen ideas cover everything you need to know. The ideas you get from them can be used to inspire your kitchen layout as well.

Adding value to your home is always easier when you renovate your kitchen. You could invest in the future by brainstorming kitchen island ideas. Browse our kitchen ideas galleries for stylish decorating tips and expert advice on where and how to begin your next kitchen renovation. You can use these ideas to renovate your kitchen

Combine materials with restraint and use a colour scheme

Design your kitchen with a combination of colours, materials and finishes to create a characterful look – but limit your palette to one main colour and two accents, just like you would in your living room.

Gray is giving way to pastel kitchen colours

Gray cabinetry remains a classic. But it’s refreshing to see that toned kitchen schemes that include soft pinks, minty greens, and even lilac are not only getting noticed, but also taking over in sales. Scandi kitchen ideas can also be created with these fresh colours


A Perfect Pastel Range has been launched by Magnet because they are so confident about the new trend. In all three of its collections, six shades are available, including sky, rose bowl, seagrass, lilac blossom, washed cotton, and pilot blue.


Interested in contemporary design? It’s Back to Black

There is no denying that black kitchen ideas are back in style – and while they are most effective in contemporary settings, they do suit traditional homes well too. In contrast to green or blue, black is a neutral shade, so you can pair other colours with it easily – but we think paired with natural materials such as wood or brick to complement the black backdrop, will add warmth and contrast to matte cabinetry.


Decorate your home with eclectic style

Especially when planning kitchen wall decor ideas, a kitchen is an ideal place for colour lovers to introduce themes using their favourite shades, prints and patterns.

To create a colourful kitchen, use bright shades of blue, red, and pink within a neutral space, but keep the colour scheme consistent when blending different patterns, like flooring.

Kitchen Painting

Begin by thinking about the size, design, and flooring of the space while designing your colour palette. Soft neutrals are simple to live with in even the tiniest of spaces, and on-trend grey may seem casually architectural in a modern room or warm and inviting when paired with wood. Large rooms with plenty of natural light might accommodate a more daring paint colour.

Improve a Small Kitchen

Don’t allow a limitation of room limit your sense of style. Taking a risk with the design and equipment may result in eye-catching compact kitchens that punch much above their weight.

While the long-held inclination for going ‘light and cheerful’ when designing tiny rooms still applies, it’s critical not to let your kitchen fall into neutral dullness. Invest In High-Quality Stone

Natural stone has enduring appeal in the kitchen because it is beautiful, durable, and timeless. Other materials just cannot compete with the drama and natural beauty that stone brings to a room.

This flexible material is available in a broad range of hues and patterns, including limestone and marble, granite, and slate, and it can complement modern, rural, and classic themes. Popular when constructing a kitchen island, but also for floors, walls, worktops, and backsplashes, the diversity of stone and the way it is treated gives a wide range of powerful aesthetics.