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Mantis is an incorporated architecture project representing the evolution of technology and space concepts, as space itself is an extension of time and using capability. We create continuity between day and night, changing the meaning of the walls: from a division component to a completely functional passage element. The union of polar concepts is the key to read the tall frontals we have created thanks to the 12 Millimetre thick aluminum doors that allow matching the lightness of the Hungarian Point Saturn oak finishing with the natural Marquinia Black worktop.


Allowing freedom is the sign of a great strength. We let materials get over their own attitude. It implies the ability to become a real tool of nature to enhance the range of possibilities of elements like the native mildness of wood or the suggestions coming from outer space. A whole universe comes at hand, tangible and in a multipurpose capacity, allowing us to experience the deepness of space and substance. Vesta is an act of real liberty: the minimalist design is free to run with its vivid essence along contours and grains, sharp lines that become a common sign, living in the light and shade, balancing the global aesthetics and the slightest. Infinity can be found both in vastness and in tiny details.


Showing what the others hide means leaving room to imagination. A multidirectional research that constantly changes its target, following a smooth top and climbing along a bronze line from floor to ceiling: looking for the original reflection in glass and grain. There we find the soul of wood, eternally transforming from material state into pure energy: a condition of conceptual materiality that embraces and allows the complete exploration of a space made for living and interaction.


Creativity always demands a renegotiation of certitudes: thus, Vintage steel is extremely treated, and regular rhythm is resolved and recomposed. From the top of the linear design of the wall units, the beat descends along the long-equipped countertop; a close-up of the Life storage system running along the countertop recalls the concept of a lab of taste and nourishment: a workshop where everything finds its proper place and is always close at hand.


Boldness of changing can be the shell of the genius pearl: the intuition that provides pioneers with the right sense of direction, enforced by a strong traditional background and by the capacity to be still amazed when something new, that was held as impossible, is born. As humans grow up, the distance between their footsteps becomes wider. The same happens to Regula, born in 1998, which has developed to the current new aluminum frame that allows to set the supporting legs to the edges of the kitchen, without any intermediate step.


It is far more than just affection: this is a real love declaration and a tribute to a kitchen that has made the history of our Company. We want to give a new story to Bluna, a new voice to express all its talent in
the combination of still unexplored details, features and finishing. Industrial design is the best tool to get constant transformation even within a comfort zone. There is no need to escape a frame when the frame itself is extremely basic: you only need fantasy to cover it, give it a new life and live it in a new way.


The Menta kitchen, designed to give balance, rationality and well-being. Here the order of things becomes order of one’s thoughts. Thus, was born an environment capable of infusing Zen harmony. Ménta collection represents one of our most beloved proposals, by the public and professionals from the world of furnishings. The reasons for its great success can be found in the innermost essence of this deeply eclectic composition. It is hard to explain the motive of such a definition without first having understood the meaning, that describes the ability to choose with accuracy and passion between several things, without ever losing sight of the global harmony.


The Loto door is made from a 4mm glass tile that is supported by a matt black aluminum frame. This ultra-sleek, modern style is available in a variety of matt and gloss glass finish options from a neutral color palette. The use of glass as a door material creates a crisp, striking style with clean strong lines. A flawless harmony of materials is created when these bold doors are paired with a natural texture of wood or stone to help build contrast and warmth within the kitchen space.


Anuba kitchen, like golden sand on the dunes of the soul. Access portal for exotic evasions. Here the golden reflection of brass meets the rigor of coal to outline a luxury environment where everything converges towards a mystical experience. Anuba kitchens with brass ride inserts can be declined in many variations, shades and finishes. The purchase of a contemporary style kitchen allows a wide planning and gives the possibility to compose it according to the user’s needs.


Touch kitchen by Composit is a linear or island kitchen that amaze for refinement, original design and independent style. To combine and subtract, to rediscover the essence of things, this is the slogan of Touch: a modern and essential kitchen, perfect to be placed in a suitable environment, but also in contrast with furniture’s of other periods and styles. Coplanar doors, monobloc kitchens, intersecting tops with convex corners, material continuity, are just some of the expressive possibilities of Touch kitchens: tailor-made kitchens with a unique style.


Levante is the perfect synthesis between simplicity and completeness, it represents the balance between different forms, and also the harmony that erases the contrast between distinct materials. It has a typical British elegance in its DNA, that can be recognized by the ribbed glass, with an undeniable aesthetic taste; by the attention for details, that are not ostentatious at all, in fact, they are elegantly exposed, and by the warmth of the wood, real protagonist of this composition. Levante is an incredibly cozy kitchen which can recreate the refined London houses atmosphere, nevertheless, it has a sophisticated character that projects itself into the exclusives New York attics at the same time. In this model we can immediately perceive a clear print of old fashion style, but…there’s much more!


When the classic combines itself with the current taste, the kitchen becomes an icon. Timeless, with all the splendor of the Carrara marble, wisely drew near lacquered finishes, where the pureness of the white celebrates the comeback to a new classic age.


Médea is about a project, that has been created to resume some distinctive aspects of this type of furniture with metropolitan vibes, combining them with classical details, however, reinterpreted in a modern and dynamic key. Médea is the ideal kitchen for people who love those environments that take inspiration from old factories through the use of exposed wooden beams, concrete roof slabs and the tendency to highlight some elements, such as pipes, bolts, wire, and electrical switches, that are usually hidden because of their lack of aesthetic value, on the walls, plain-colored but intentionally left rough. This model is not a simple imitation of that environment since it makes use of materials and finishes linked to that specific context, and it redesigns them in an “industrial chic” dimension.


The Talìa kitchen, where even those who love tradition can enjoy modernity. Doors with classic profiles are combined in an unusual way with industrial style handles. The warmth of wood contrasts with the austerity of the worktop.


Melograno kitchen by Composit is a classic style kitchen that represents the great Italian tradition through the softness of classical shapes. Melograno represents the revenge of customization, decoration and combination of bold materials: designed in island kitchen version, linear or corner kitchen, it adapts elegantly to all the client’s needs. Among the modular kitchens of classic design, the Melograno Classic version differs from simple Melograno version for the upper shaped frame, the glass cabinets above the base units and the equipped columns.