What are the most popular styles of kitchen?

Modern, Transitional, Traditional and Contemporary are the most popular kitchen design styles today. These four styles have been well established within the industry. There is a great deal of demand for resources on designing different kitchen designs, and today we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the three most popular kitchen designs. Featuring just enough details to satisfy those who appreciate both traditional and contemporary design, transitional kitchens are a graceful walk between the two.

The transitional kitchen incorporates elements of both traditional and contemporary styles but does not stray too far in either direction. It is appropriate to use serene neutrals in transitional kitchens. Colours tend to be soft and subtle, regardless of whether they are cool or warm. Cabinets in deep blue or grey will give your home a richer look.

There is nothing more luxurious than a traditional kitchen, with its luxurious finishes, intricate architectural features, and classic details. It is more common to find ornate millwork in traditional kitchens, which differ from modern and contemporary-style rooms. A traditional kitchen is characterized by rich, timeless colours. The most popular cabinet colour is white, but there are other choices as well. Consider neutral colours, such as blues, greens, beige, and natural woods, if you’re looking for something different.

For an off-the-moment look with clean lines and minimal embellishment, contemporary kitchens embrace the latest in technology, materials, and trends. Contemporary kitchens are popularly designed with white cabinets, but it isn’t the only option. Bright, bold, or subtle, colour can be used in any way you like. A colourful backsplash or eye-catching cabinetry can be used as a jumping-off point for crisp white walls.

There is less emphasis on surface ornamentation in modern kitchens – think smooth concrete surfaces, strong horizontal lines, and plenty of open space. With a minimalist aesthetic that keeps the focus on the architectural details, modern kitchens are the opposite of traditional styles. With modern kitchens, the architecture is the focus, so the colour palette tends to be crisp white, subtle neutrals and black. When brighter shades do show up, they often do so as accessories.
It’s time to start turning your fantasy kitchen into a reality now that you have a guide to planning the most popular kitchen design trends! Check out our portfolio, then get in-tuned with our experts for advice as you get ready to embark on your kitchen renovation journey.